Diesel- Bearded Dragon

This little guy is Diesel the Bearded Dragon, an instagram sensation and a pretty cool, calm and collected lizard.


Bearded dragons make great pets and perfect animal stars due to their calm and friendly nature.


Esmeralda- Corn Snake

This pretty girl is Esmeralda the Corn Snake. 


The Corn Snake’s docile nature, great looks and lack of venom makes them the perfect animal Icon for fashion and editorial shoots!


Esmeralda- Corn Snake

Ever wondered what the most popular Tarantula name is?  Muffet, apparently. 


Our tarantulas don’t have names but we do represent a number of these large, hairy arachnids.


Oreo is,a stunning black and white Agentine Tegu.


He is very tame, easy to handle and his amazing markings make him highly photogenic. 


Chameleons are one of few animals that can change their skin colour.  We have a range of chameleons of different sizes and colours.

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Monitor Lizard

A monitor lizard gets its name from an Arabic word meaning 'dragon' or 'lizard beast and you can see why.  These indigenous animals are protected in this region and rarely seen.

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How cute is this little guy?  Our gecko is very tame and easy to handle.

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Lionel- Tortoise

Little Lionel the tortoise with the big personality.  Lionel is a confident little chap who loves hanging out in new environments.

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Tyrion- Bearded Dragon

Animal Agency_Dragon-13160.jpg

Meet Tyrion the Bearded Dragon, the smallest member of The Animal Agency team.

Shelby- Ball Python

shelby versace.JPG

Meet Shelby the Ball Python, one of the friendliest members of The Animal Agency's exotic team.