Name: Syema


Age: 4


Type of Animal: Dog


Breed: British Bull Dog


Gender: M


Coat Colour: White/ Brown


Eye colour: Brown


Weight: 75lbs


Special Skills:


  • Playing tug-of-war

  • Eating, sleeping and barking!





Syema is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the Bulldog world; his stocky, sturdy, big-boned body sets him apart from the rest. He loves playing tug-a-war, eating, sleeping, barking and adventuring with his family in the jeep. He may look tough from the outside, but he's a big cuddly baby on the inside.


Raised on a raw food diet, Syema has the most immaculate white teeth and luxurious coat.  Along with his brother Maximus they make up the Animal Agency’s wrinkliest double team.



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