Hamasa Mazuz

Name: Hamasa Mazuz


Age: 15


Type of Animal: Horse


Breed: Arab


Gender: M


Coat Colour: White


Eye colour: Black


Special Skills:

  • Sit Down

  • Lie Down

  • Play Dead

  • Stand on Pedestal

  • Play Football

  • Spanish Walk

  • Passage

  • Liberty in the Desert

  • Comfortable with Falcons





Hamasa is one of the calmest and most well-trained horses we've had the opportunity to work with.  


Ex-HoofbeatZ, he has performed in front of live audiences on numerous occasions.  


Way before the Animal Agency, Hamasa's first time starring on the silver screen was for the 2012 Dubai World Cup promotional Video.  He did such a great job he's clocked up a lot more TV experiences since!



  • Sellanycar.com Youtube Advert- January 2017

  • Kozma & Kozma Promotional Video- April 2017