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Animal Owners

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The Animal Agency works side-by-side with the UAE’s media and advertising industry to provide animals for various assignments, including television, film, magazines or newspapers, special events and live work.


The Animal Agency offers you the opportunity to see your animal in an assignment, possibly work with your animal on set, have fun and make some money.


If you think your animal has what it takes then tell us why. Read through the FAQ's, complete the Registration Form and a member of our team will be in touch within a week to discuss your animal and how we can best represent you.  Please ensure you also read and agree with our terms and conditions provided on registration.


 Our clients are looking for animals of all shapes and sizes, colours and ages.  Please submit 2 clear photographs of your animal with your registration form.  These photos won’t necessarily be the ones used for your animals profile but will provide us with a starting point for registration.


Your animal’s profile will then be accessed by agents or representatives from the media and advertising agency who are looking for animals to use in various assignments.


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