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Lady Belle


Name: Lady Belle


Age: 2


Type of Animal: Dog


Breed: King Charles Cavalier

Gender: F


Coat Colour: Brown/ White


Eye colour: Brown


Weight: 15.5lbs


Special Skills:


  • Agility Trained

  • Loves to Dress Up

  • Ball chaser

  • Water pup

  • Likes to use iFetch machine





Recognizable for their friendly, affectionate and good natured personality, King Charles Cavaliers make the perfect animal stars.  Who can forget Charlotte’s adorable Cavalier Elizabeth Taylor in SITC?


Lady Belle is a endearing little girl who loves to dress up, whether its as a dinosaur, an elf or Santa’s little helper she has a look for every occasion.

Lady Belle
Lady Belle
Lady Belle
Lady Belle
Lady Belle
Lady Belle
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