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Name: Millie


Age: 1


Type of Animal: Dog


Breed: Pug


Gender: F


Coat Colour: Black


Eye colour: Black


Weight: 13.2kg


Special Skills:


  • Perfectly trained

  • Sit, stay, come

  • Walking on her hind legs for a treat

  • Kiss son demand

  • Just being super cute




Pugs are known to be sociable and gentle and Millie is no exception.  Perfectly trained she responds well to commands and will perform brilliantly in front of the camera.  She loves interacting with people and other dogs but is equally happy playing with her toys or eating her favourite bone.


The most famous film pug was without a doubt Frank the Pug from Men In Black, a dog with the appearance of a pug who was in fact an extraterrestrial in disguise.



  • Cosmopolitan Middle East Magazine June 2016 

  • In training to become a Reading Dog

Millie- Cosmopolitan ME
Millie- Cosmopolitan ME
Cosmopolitan ME
Millie The Pug-38.jpg
Millie The Pug-46.jpg
Millie The Pug-50.jpg
Millie The Pug-25.jpg
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