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What is the Animal Agency?


The Animal Agency is an agency for all species of animals.  We book animals for various assignments including, but not limited to, television, film, print for magazines or newspapers, special events and live work.  The Animal Agency simply promotes the animals to potential clients.


How do I know if my animal is suitable?


There is no specific 'type' of animal that we are looking for. Our clients are looking for many different looks and species. However, any animal that shows signs of aggression towards people or other animals will not be accepted.


How much can my animal expect to earn?


This will vary depending on the type of assignment, duration and location. It may also vary on how experienced your animal is; for example, a highly trained animal could expect to earn hundreds or even thousands of dirhams for a day's work. For an animal just starting out in the industry, it is more likely they would earn an hourly rate or receive no payment at all. We will actively work to book your animal for an assignment but we can’t guarantee that your animal will get the job.


Will I have to travel? 


The shoot will be at the location of the client’s choice, and you will be asked at the time of registration how far you are willing to travel. It is important you think about this carefully and ensure that you can commit to the distance you stated. You will be solely responsible for transporting your animal to and from the location and for any costs involved.


Can I model with my animal? 


Occasionally, a client may accept the owner as an extra. For this reason we have the optional extra of supplying an owner photograph should you wish to be considered for assignments with your animal.


I don't live in the UAE, can I sign up? 


At this time, we are only accepting applicants and animals based in the UAE. 


How do I sign up? 


Please complete the online application form and then you will hear from us within 1 week.


Does my animal need special skills? 


It is not essential that your animal has any special skills but if they do then please ensure you explain these in the online application form.  Please also clarify if the animal works well with other animals and/or children, for example.      


What happens after I join? 


We will use the information and photographs you have provided to create an online portfolio for your animal. This will provide essential information for our clients to review when making their booking.    


Is it going to cost me anything? 


A lot of agencies charge a large upfront fee. We charge a low fee, solely to cover the costs of creating your animal’s personal online portfolio. The fees are as follows:


  • Annual registration fee- 200AED

This includes assessment, registration and an online profile


  • Annual registration fee plus one hour photo shoot- 600AED

This includes assessment, registration, a one-hour photo shoot and online portfolio.


  • Fee’s will be waived for any charitable animal organization or organization looking to register their animals.

  • Please note there may be an additional charge for evening or weekend shoots or shoots outside of Dubai.

What should I do if I have any  questions not covered above?  Please feel free to contact us at

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