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Name: Hugo

Age: 2


Type of Animal: Dog


Breed: Maltese


Gender: M


Coat Colour: White


Eye colour: Dark Brown


Weight: 21lbs


Special Skills:


  • High 5

  • Sit, stay, paw

  • Lie down

  • Kiss

  • Stand up

  • Super confident

  • Emotionally Intelligent 





Maltese dogs were bred to be companion dogs, loved for their playful, energetic nature and love of humans.


Little Hugo is a shining example of the breed, this perfectly packaged little man loves people, loves to pose and has a whole plethora of tricks up his sleeve. 


His confidence in new situations makes him perfect for busy shoot environments..


Fun fact: Hugo is adept at reading people's emotions, he knows just when a little bit of extra TLC is required and will crawl into your lap to give you some love. 


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