Luna is Dubai’s very first Pomsky, a Pomeranian-Husky cross.  She has the playfulness and friendliness of a Pom and the speed, intelligence and beautiful eyes of a husky. 


Well socialised she's happy on busy sets and comfortable around people, dogs and other animals.


Although she’s still a pup she has an eagerness to learn and can pick up new tricks and skills in a relatively short time, making her perfect for film work. 


Luna is one of our certified Reading Dogs 

La Femme magazine September 2017

Name: Luna

Age: 1


Type of Animal: Dog


Breed: Pomsky


Gender: F


Coat Colour: Light Sable


Eye colour: Ice Blue


Weight: 22lb


Special Skills:


  • Knows all basic commands

  • High five and give five

  • Trained for obedience and socialisation

  • Loves swimming

  • Is super fast!