Name: Maximus


Age: 4


Type of Animal: Dog


Breed: British Bull Dog


Gender: M


Coat Colour: White/ Brown


Eye colour: Brown


Weight: 62lbs


Special Skills:


  • Running (really fast!)

  • Jumping (really high!)

  • Swimming

  • Playing tug-of-war with his brother Syema





Maximus is already an A-List celebrity dog. His latest gig was a leading role in a popular Bollywood movie called, 'Dishoom'. He regularly partakes in photo-shoots and socials where he's often the center of attention. Maximus is very athletic and has many skills like running (really fast), jumping (really high), swimming, tug-a-war, he's perfected the art of cuddling with people, driving in convertibles and partaking in boat rides. Maximus also enjoys being treated like a human. He's got a charismatic personality that is guaranteed to steal your heart.


Raised on a raw food diet, Maximus has the most immaculate white teeth and luxurious coat.  Along with his brother Syema they make up the Animal Agency’s wrinkliest double team.



  • Cosmopolitan Middle East Magazine June 2016

  • Jumeirah Hotels August 2016

  • Youtube Advert January 2017