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Name: Meatball


Age: 1


Type of Animal: Dog


Breed: British Bull Dog


Gender: M


Coat Colour: White/ Brown


Eye colour: Brown


Weight: 24kg


Special Skills:


  • Sit, Stay

  • Roll

  • Come

  • High Five

  • Spin





Meatball is a energetic bundle of fun.   A 1 year old Bullie, he’s inquisitive and treat motivated and his quirky personality makes him an ultimate star.   A well known Dubai celeb he already has over 2,500 instagram followers!


The Bulldog is traditionally known as the UK’s mascot but they are also the mascot of the US Marine Corp.  They’re loving and dedicated personalities make them a favourite  pet of many a celebrity with Michael Jackson, David Beckham, Chris Brown and Paris Hilton all being famous Bulldog owners.  Bulldogs are known for getting along with children, animals and other dogs and are more likely to sleep on someones lap than chase a ball round so if you’re looking for a model to work with children or other animals Meatball is the perfect dog for you.

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