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Name: Minnie AKA Moo Pop


Age: 5


Type of Animal: Dog


Breed: Great Dane


Gender: F


Coat Colour: Black


Eye colour: Brown


Weight: 59kg


Special Skills:


  • Sit, Stay, Lie-Down

  • Talks on Demand

  • Gives Kisses

  • Opens Doors

  • Turns on Taps





Minnie definitely lives up to the gentle giant stereotype.  This regal Dane likes nothing better than lazing on the sofa ruling the roost.


A well-mannered and well-trained girl, she does have a cheeky personality and likes nothing better than opening doors to leave the room, turning the taps on to grab a drink and having the odd pillow fight!


Brand ambassador Simply Hand Made Tags November 2016

Andrea Mascolo Photography Model November 2016


Minnie- Andrea Mascola
The Animal Agency UAE_Dog_Minnie (6).jpg
The Animal Agency UAE_Dog_Minnie (3).jpg
The Animal Agency UAE_Dog_Minnie (2).jpg
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