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Hamasa Mazuz- Arab


Hamasa is one of the calmest and most well-trained horses we've had the opportunity to work with.  


Ex-HoofbeatZ, he has performed in front of live audiences on numerous occasions.  


Way before the Animal Agency, Hamasa's first time starring on the silver screen was for the 2012 Dubai World Cup promotional Video.  He did such a great job he's clocked up a lot more TV experiences since!

Ventura- Arab


Beautiful Ventura is cool, calm and collected.  She is perfectly happy in static or moving shoots and is a friendly and easy-going model.

Kipling- German Warmblood


This gentle giant is Kipling, he is a 16.3 hh (1.65 m) German Warmblood. 


Dark bay with 2 white back socks, he is a trained, kind and patient horse with impeccable manners.

Arabella- Arab Cross


Always ready for her photo call, Arabella has the biggest,  brownest eyes and she knows just how to work them..! 


A graceful girl, she holds previous experience in both photo shoots and music videos

Mootram- Arab


Mootram doesn't like to be left on the sidelines, off set he'll make a lot of noise so that you know that he's there but once he gets in front of the camera he's the perfect gent.

Neydu-Arabian Cross Selle Francais Horse


Large and impressive yet super chilled, Neydu has the perfect temperment for photoshoots, he will let you do pretty much anything (if you give him a carrot or three).


He is happy to be ridden by both beginners and experienced riders alike.

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