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Name: Phoenix


Age: 14


Type of Animal: Horse


Breed: Arabian


Gender: M


Coat Colour: Chestnut Sabino


Eye colour: Brown


Special Skills:


  • Excellent at posing

  • Dressage

  • Come on command

  • Lift front leg on command

  • Recall

  • Beach riding & swimming

  • Can be ridden with a halter or neck rope only

  • Pick up a towel/ bag




Phoenix is a talented boy, he started life as a show horse, winning many championships before making his move to the UAE.

His list of skills is impressive, from jumping to dressage, to smiling and kissing on command. He is extremely calm and will happily be ridden into a trailer.

He loves being the centre of attention, meeting new people and interacting with children and other animals, he really is a special boy.

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