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Gold Tail Rajah

Rajah Chevrolet.jpg

Name: Gold Tail Rajah


Age: Almost 1


Type of Animal: Cat


Breed: Bengal

Gender: M


Coat Colour: Brown tabby Bengal


Eye colour: Green


Special Skills:

  • Being super cool!




Meet Gold Tail Rajah, or Rajah for short. He's one cool cat! Although he's still young, he has been well socialised and is used to being out and about in the world.

Whether it's shooting on a busy set, or a trip to the gym with his mum, Rajah has it all under control and makes sure he looks purrfect while he's doing it.


  • Chevrolet Ramadan Riddles TVC - Feb '21

  • SLS Hotel TVC- April '21


Rajah Chevrolet
Rajah 2
Rajah 3
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