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Whisky Studio 4.jpg

Name: Whisky


Age: Less than 1


Type of Animal: Dog


Breed: Havapoo


Gender: M


Coat Colour: Creamy white


Eye colour: Brown


Special Skills:


  • Sit, stay

  • Will give paw

  • High five

  • Obedient off lead





Everybody loves the Whisky, everywhere he goes he makes new friends and is set to be a little super star. Whisky is still just a puppy but is already highly intelligent and has the cutest personality. 


Chilled, happy and playful are three words to describe this little fluff ball of fun plus give him a treat and he’ll strike a pose in front of the camera. 


Whisky & Ems Studio
Whisky Studio 2
Whisky Studio 1
Whisky Studio 4
Whisky studio 3
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